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Anhydrous stemming supplier


 Anhydrous stemming refers to the use of tar, resin and so on as binder, and corundum, bauxite, clay, silicon carbide, coke powder as raw materials produced gun mud.

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Performance of Anhydrous stemming

Large blast furnace has high requirements on the working quality of the iron hole. In order to maintain the iron hole, according to the working conditions, the mud should have the following properties:

(1) good operation, can be easily from the mud gun out, and has a high filling density;

(2) good opening performance, opening machine when the drill bit easy drilling;

(3) high temperature tube iron erosion and erosion;

(4) volume stability is good, that is, the high temperature of the volume change is small;

(5) high fire resistance, >1580℃;

(6) at room temperature has a certain plasticity.

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Anhydrous stemming with the mill to be medically produced to crush the first oil, and then put the block material (clay and asphalt), to be crushed and then put powder (coking powder and clinker powder), press well mixed, when in line with the standard can be out of the mud.