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What is the use of ferrosilicon powder?


 Ferrosilicon powder is obtained by grinding ferrosilicon alloy into powder, which is used as deoxidizer for steelmaking and ironmaking.

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Model of ferrosilicon powder: consistent with common models of ferrosilicon, mainly 75#, 72#, 70#, 65#, 60#;

Common size of ferrosilicon powder: 60 mesh, 80 mesh, 200 mesh, 0-1mm, 0-3mm, or customized according to customer requirements;

Features of ferrosilicon powder:

1. Used as inoculant and spheroidizer in cast iron industry;

2. In the production of nodular cast iron, ferrosilicon is an important inoculant (to help precipitate graphite) and spheroidizer;

3. Used as reducing agent in ferroalloy;

Packing of ferrosilicon powder: ton packing (1000kg/ bag), 25kg master bag or customized according to customer's requirements;

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USES of ferrosilicon powder:

1. If a certain amount of silicon is added to the steel, the strength, hardness and elasticity of the progressive steel can be useful. Therefore, in the training of structural steel, tool steel, spring steel and transformer silicon steel, ferrosilicon powder is also used as an alloy agent and as inoculant and spheroidizer in the cast iron industry.

2. Ferrosilicon powder and metallurgical data which are required to be quantified in cast iron can inhibit the formation of carbide in iron and promote the spheroidization and spheroidization of graphite. Therefore, ferrosilicon powder is an important inoculant (help spheroidize graphite) and spheroidization agent in the production of nodular cast iron.

3. Used as reducing agent in ferroalloy production.Not only the chemical affinity between silicon and oxygen is very great, but also the carbon content of high-silicon ferrosilicon powder is very low.Therefore, high silicon ferrosilicon powder (or silicon alloy) is a kind of reductant commonly used in the production of low carbon ferroalloy in ferroalloy industry.