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SiAlBaCa price and advantage


SiAlBaCa alloy is a new type of alloy materials, is also a kind of composite of the alloy material, application characteristics compared with other types of materials has more advantages, bring more benefits to the development of industrial processes, as the industrial processing period of development, we need to learn more to the material, so as to achieve more efficient production, we are a professional manufacturer of barium calcium silicon aluminium alloy, the introduction of the material for you.

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Si-al-ba-ca is the deoxidizer and desulfurizer of ba-series alloy, which can reduce the oxygen content in steel, and the complex inclusions containing calcium, barium and aluminum formed at the same time are easy to float up from the pot liquid, so as to improve the impact toughness and processing performance of steel.Compared with pure aluminum, ferrosilicon and calcium silicon alloy, the results are better and the alloy utilization rate is higher.Silica-aluminum-barium calcium is less soluble in molten steel, and can dissolve calcium and reduce calcium vapor pressure.

Composite alloy materials used for industrial processing, therefore, has more advantages, in the process of our industrial processes have more benefits, henan star metallurgy professional barium calcium silicon aluminium manufacturer, in our daily industry need to learn more, to the material in the manufacturing process of everyone at the time of application of high silicon aluminium barium alloy can refer to the characteristics of the described above to apply the material.

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