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silicon slag mannufacturer


Silicon slag now in metallurgical materials is to occupy a more important position, because the price affordable can also be more practical, steelmaking and casting favored, the following si slag manufacturer henan star metallurgy will give you a detailed explanation of the use of si slag, there are a lot of applications absolutely let you expect, then read down;

What is silicon slag?

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Silicon slag is the production of ferrosilicon, and other alloy material after the rest of the parts, but also contain a proportion of silicon slag metal silicon, silicon slag alloy in the industry according to the purposes can be roughly divided into industrial silicon, semiconductor silicon slag slag alloy, solar silicon slag alloy slag, silicon metal, alloy, etc., silicon alloy or other silicon slag production ball of a raw material;

Henan star metallurgy factory supplies blast furnace pig iron, bread iron, castings special silicon slag

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Silicon slag: Si content :30%, 40%, 45%, 50%, 65%

Size: 0-3mm, 0-12mm, 10-100mm or customized size

Packing: ton bag

Application of silicon slag:

1. Silicon slag alloy can be used for purification and other processes

Silicon slag alloy can participate in the purification process of other ferroalloy products, can effectively improve the purity of silicon element of ferroalloy products, so that the product better quality effect!

2. Silicon slag alloy can effectively increase furnace temperature

The addition of silicon slag alloy during steelmaking has the effect of increasing the furnace temperature, which can provide a stable high-temperature environment for the smelting materials, making the smelting more thorough and the smelting effect better!

3.The role of silicon slag alloy in other aspects

Silicon slag alloy also has the ability to raise the grade of steel and effectively improve the efficiency of manufacturers. The use of silicon slag alloy in casting can also improve the gradually toughness and cutting ability!

4. Silicon slag alloy can improve the fluidity of molten steel

During steelmaking, oxides will be generated due to the reaction between molten steel and oxygen. If it is not removed in time, the live mouth will be blocked. The silicon slag alloy can effectively filter the oxides and clumps and filter it!

The silicon slag alloy can be returned to the furnace, and the silicon slag can be recrystallized by re-smelting to cope with the current shortage of silicon materials and the price increase, which effectively improves the benefits of ferroalloy manufacturers!

After watching so many uses of silicon slag, do you suddenly feel that small silicon slag is actually very useful? You ca n’t take silicon slag to improper ferroalloy products. Correct and reasonable use of silicon slag can effectively reduce the production cost of enterprises. You can also consult us at any time about related use skills