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Ferrosilicon Market Offer High Turnover Slightly Slower


          These two days of ferrosilicon market, offer is active, the price gradually rose, the mainstream offer concentrated on the 72 # 5000-5100 yuan / ton, 75 # 5200-5300 yuan / ton. The transaction was temporarily uncertain. Market spot tension, most factories are still delivery of pre-orders, and said the new orders at least 5,000 yuan / ton turnover. But in terms of traders, in the West gold mining prices have not yet reported, as well as the April steel tender before the introduction of the price of 72 # 5,000 yuan / ton for the price is not high, and because most factories are still pre-orders, No cash, the new order delivery cycle was lengthened, high-priced transactions but no cash situation also let traders see prohibitive.
          The market price’s increase reflects the factory in the long-term loss of the state of the urgency of price increases. It also need to pay attention to the price increase after the factory production situation, the recent market supply is due to factory shutdown, Prices rise, is bound to attract the resumption of production plant, the market supply increased, but the actual demand side is not obvious release, environmental inspection has become normal, which for the latter part of the market will become a major risk.
           In short, three or four months of the ferrosilicon market on the recent performance of the market is expected to rise in the trend is very large, the price of ferrosilicon rose to the factory profit margins, the resumption of production enterprises, the market will be another matter.