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Milled Fesi

Milled fesi is for welding materials.

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Main Features:
The Introduction of the Milled Fesi
Milled FeSi 15# is for welding materials.
1 Type: 15#;
2 Size: 48mesh 200mesh 320mesh 48D 270D 0-3mm
3 Quality and Service can be guaranted 
1. Ferro Silicon 15# is a magnetic ferro silicon produced in electric arc furnaces and subsequently milled to size ranges as required. In addition, Milled Ferro Silicon contains aluminum and titanium which enhances its resistance to corrosion.
2. Ferro Silicon 15# is used in slurry density applications for heavy media separation and sink-float processes. Powdered Ferro Silicon is an accepted medium for the gravity separation of minerals, aggregates and metals with a specific gravity of approximately 2.0 to 4.0.
3. Ferro Silicon 15# is used extensively in the dense media separation process in both the metal recycling and mining sectors.
4.Used for welding materials, one special electrode materials in the production of coated. 
The Pictures of the Milled Fesi
atomised fesiatomised ferrosilicon


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