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What is petroleum coke?


    Petroleum coke is black or dark gray hard solid petroleum products, with metallic luster, porous, is formed by tiny graphite crystallization granular, columnar or needle-shaped carbon body.The petroleum coke component is hydrocarbon, containing carbon 90-97%, hydrogen 1.5-8%, also contains nitrogen, chlorine, sulfur and heavy metal compounds.Metallic luster, porous, granular, columnar acicular.

   The main uses of petroleum coke are pre-baked anode and anode paste for electrolytic aluminum, carbonizing agent in carbon industry, graphite electrode, silicon in smelting industry and fuel, which are the by-products of the pyrolysis of raw oil in delayed coking unit to produce light oil products at high temperature.The production of petroleum coke is about 25-30% of the raw oil.Its low calorific value is about 1.5-2 times that of coal, ash content is not more than 0.5%, volatile matter is about 11%, and its quality is close to that of anthracite.