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Use of ferro silicon in steel industry


 Ferro silicon is an essential deoxygenation agent in the steelmaking industry. In Torch Steel, Ferro silicon is used for precipitation deoxygenation and diffusion deoxygenation. Brick iron is also used as an alloying agent in steelmaking. Adding a certain amount of silicon to steel can significantly improve the strength, hardness and elasticity of steel, improve the magnetic conductivity of steel, and reduce the hysteresis loss of transformer steel. The general steel contains 0.15%-0.35% silicon, the structural steel contains silicon 0.40%~1.75%, the tool steel contains silicon 0.30%~1.80%, the spring steel contains silicon 0.40%~2.80%, stainless acid-resistant steel contains silicon 3.40%~4.00%, heat-resistant steels contain silicon 1.00%~3.00%, Silicon steel contains silicon 2%~3% or higher. High silicon ferrosilicon or silicone alloys are used as reducing agents for the production of low carbon ferroalloy in the ferroalloy industry. Ferrosilicon into cast iron can be used as a inoculation agent for ductile iron, and can prevent carbide formation, promote graphite precipitation and spheroidization, improve the performance of cast iron. In addition, Ferrosilicon powder in the mineral processing industry can be used as suspension phase, in the welding rod manufacturing industry as a welding rod coating; High silicon ferrosilicon can be used in the electrical industry to prepare semiconductor pure silicon, in the chemical industry could be used in the manufacture of silicone and so on.



Ferro silicon manufacturing process

The raw materials of ferrosilicon are coke, steel scrap, quartz (or silica) and the like. Smelted in an electric furnace.

Ferrosilicon is used frequently in steel making. This is because silicon reacts with oxidation to produce SiO2. Therefore, ferrosilicon can be used as a deoxidizer. At the same time, when SiO2 is formed, a large amount of heat is released. This is beneficial to increase the temperature of the molten steel.