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What are the advantages of cylindrical carburizers?


About cylindrical carburant , nearly two years of market demand is growing, especially small and medium-sized foundry has been received well ping, Henan star metallurgical from the columnar recarburizer to has nearly three years so far, the customer's usage is constantly improving, the following is columnar recarburizer advantage in the market, Jin Sheng metallurgy do share the following:




What is a column carburizer?


Columnar carburizer is specially processed into a cylindrical shape, which solves the problem of incomplete absorption of the initial carburizer floating on the furnace surface.


Columnar carburizing agent is also called bar carburizing agent is mainly used in foundry enterprises, the production of ordinary cast iron, gray cast iron more.


This kind of product and the calcined petroleum JiaoZeng carbon agent also has certain market competition, especially in the casting, the steel industry, from market feedback, the last two years from the beginning of the manufacturer to try to use columnar recarburizer to use two years have been rising, many manufacturers reaction under the premise of the use effect is good, can effectively reduce the production cost, get the favour of a lot of foundry;




Indicators of cylindrical graphitization carburizer:


Content: carbon: 92-95%, sulfur: below 0.05


Particle size: 1-5mm/as required/columnar


Packing: 25KG sub-mother bag, packed as required


Graphite carburizer is suitable for nodular cast iron with strict sulfur requirements. It has high fixed carbon content and good absorption rate, especially for medium frequency furnace with 0.5 to 12 tons.

Advantages of column carburizer:


1. High fixed carbon, high absorption rate, low sulfur and nitrogen, and faster than the same kind of graphitization carburizer in the absorption rate, and no adsorption furnace wall, complete absorption without residue, the price is lower than the same kind of sulfur less than 0.05 below the graphitization carburizer, cost-effective.


· high absorption rate, according to the method of use, the absorption rate can reach more than 90%.



The absorption speed is fast, faster than the same kind of graphitization carbonizer absorption speed, no adsorption furnace wall, and no residue, the furnace carbon absorption speed advantage is more obvious.