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Affected by electric,ferrosilicon market is waiting to see!


     Central economic work conference held in Beijing, the meeting pointed out that next year's economic and social development, especially the structural reform task is very heavy, strategically to seek improvement in stability, grasp the rhythm and dynamics, tactical to seize the key points, mainly pays special attention to the production capacity and inventory, deleveraging, cost reduction, for short five tasks. In other words, is to solve the problem of excess production capacity, reduce production cost, which mainly from two aspects of electricity price and logistics. On the one hand, to reduce the price of electricity, promote the reform of electricity market, improve the coal and electricity price linkage mechanism; On the other hand to reduce logistics cost, promote the reform of circulation system.
     Affected, ferrosilicon markets wait-and-see atmosphere at present, production enterprises as ferrosilicon market prices falling down is serious, choose the cut production, and put forward the central economic conference in a few days ago, to lower prices, as a result, some production enterprise is still in production, wait-and-see market; And from the point of traders, according to the usual case, the goods will be ready by the end of point, but this year because of market instability, prices fall too fast; Not because the downstream demand, steel production production increase, so does the foundry; 3 it is affected by electricity to rumors, traders wait-and-see atmosphere at present, we can't easily take goods.
    At present, the ferrosilicon market presents a wait-and-see posture, less traders, traders and manufacturers are waiting for further implement electricity reform measures, and once the electricity to the capa, ferrosilicon market will experience a new wave of shock.