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silicon metal 441 grade specification


silicon metal 441 grade specification

Si%99min, Fe%0,4max, Al%0,4max., Ca%0,1max

silicon metal 441 is our main products, other silicon metal grades are smelting 97 metal silicon, metal silicon 553 and 3303, 2202.1101 production of 280,000-36000 tons, focusing on the production and wholesale of metal silicon.
silicon metal 441 is mainly used in the manufacture of aluminum alloys. The color of the metallic silicon 441 is gray, the surface has a metallic luster, very hard. The main use of metal silicon is as an additive to non-ferrous alloys. The main uses of silicon metal 441 are the production of aluminum alloys and semiconductor materials. Many customers are very satisfied with our company's use of silicon metal 441, high repurchase rate. Years of operation so that our company has accumulated a large number of customers.

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