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The seemingly inconspicuous silicon slag has many uses


 Silicon slag is well known by many people in the industry. Silicon slag is a by-product of refining metal silicon and ferrosilicon. It is the slag discharged during the production process. Can silicon slag still be used? Many people do not know much about it. Our company has been engaged in the production and sale of silicon slag for many years, and has a certain understanding of silicon slag. Let us briefly introduce the use of silicon slag.

First of all, most people think that silicon slag is useless alloy slag. In fact, people in the steelmaking and foundry industry know that some silicon slag is left over from the original silicon ore after refining, and also contains a large amount of silicon and silicon slag. As one of the metallurgical materials purchased in large quantities by production enterprises, it has irreplaceable advantages. Due to the different uses of silicon, silicon slag is of various types, which can be roughly divided into industrial silicon slag, solar silicon slag, and semiconductor silicon slag. The classification of silicon slag is also more, generally we can be divided into industrial silicon slag, solar silicon slag, semiconductor silicon slag and so on.
The most important thing is that the silicon slag can be re-crystallized and purified again, and then the silicon material can be reused, so that the silicon slag can be fully used, and its own application value is relatively high. There are also various processes for extracting industrial silicon from silicon slag. way. In order to extract a certain amount of industrial silicon from silicon slag, we need to separate the obvious light-colored silicon slag and dark-colored silicon slag in the silicon slag with a hand hammer, and then use the selection principle to further separate, and then to improve the concentration of silicon in the silicon slag. content; the second part needs to use chemical reaction to smelt and separate, mainly to separate impurities in molten silicon.
Silicon slag generally contains less than 15% of elemental silicon components. After further extraction and separation of silicon slag, certain elemental silicon can be obtained, which saves waste of silicon and reduces costs to a certain extent. Industrial silicon slag The use in the metallurgical industry is also very extensive.
Silicon slag can also be used for steel slag smelting pig iron, general casting, etc. Silicon slag can improve furnace temperature, increase the fluidity of molten iron, improve slag discharge, increase labeling, and update the toughness and cutting ability of iterative castings. Stainless steel manufacturers use silicon slag as a reducing agent in the process of refining stainless steel with an electric furnace to upgrade efficiency and output.
Through the above introduction, we found that silicon slag is still very useful, because a small amount of silicon can be extracted from its center. If there is a lot of silicon slag, can more silicon be extracted? It reduces the waste of resources and saves the cost of industrial investment. Hengxing Metallurgy is a silicon slag manufacturer with more than 20 years of production experience. We have always set up factories with integrity, and made every ton of silicon slag products for customers to ensure the quality of supply, which is favored by many customers.