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Silicon slag has great applications in steel mills and foundries


Silicon slag is widely used in steel mills and foundries. Silicon slag can be used as a high-quality raw material for smelting casting pig iron and silicon-manganese alloys; Brand; silicon slag can also be used as a deoxidizer in steelmaking.

Silicon slag can be divided into metal silicon slag and ferrosilicon slag. Generally, the silicon content in silicon slag is about 50%-70%. Customized according to your needs.

Silicon slag with a silicon content of about 50% can be used in casting, steelmaking, deoxidation and other industries, which can effectively reduce production costs and improve production efficiency.

Ferrosilicon slag can be used instead of ferrosilicon, and the price is cheaper than ferrosilicon. It can be used in electric furnaces, converters, deoxidation, and desulfurization, which can effectively improve the fluidity of molten steel, purify molten steel, and reduce the role of impurities in steel. At the same time, it also saves production. cost.

Silicon slag is mainly a ferroalloy product that has undergone carbonization treatment, and its internal elements are mostly silicon slag (Sic). Generally, the product with higher silicon slag content has a greener color, while the lower silicon slag product is gray. , and the silicon slag with a silicon slag content of 50%~70% turns black, so that we can see the color of the silicon slag product when selecting silicon slag, and quickly select high-quality silicon slag through the color of the silicon slag.