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Deoxidizer for steelmaking - Ferro Silicon Aluminium


Ferro Silicon Aluminium alloy is a deoxidizer used in steelmaking production. It improves the shape of inclusions and reduces the content of gas elements in molten steel. It is an effective new technology to improve steel quality, reduce costs, and save aluminum. It is especially suitable for continuous casting steel Water deoxidation requirements, practice has proved that it not only meets the deoxidation requirements of steelmaking, but also has desulfurization performance and has the advantages of large specific gravity and strong penetrating power.

Ferro Silicon Aluminium is a strong deoxidizer and a reducing agent for the production of other metals and alloys. It is also used in aluminothermic welding, manufacturing heating agents and explosives, etc. There are no national standards and ministry standards for the technical conditions of Ferro Silicon Aluminium. The particle size is 30-100mm, and less than 15% of the particles are allowed to leave the factory in each batch. There should be no obvious bubbles and non-metallic inclusions on the surface of the product.

In the steelmaking process, both aluminum and silicon-aluminum-ferro are strong deoxidizers, but aluminum is expensive, has low density, low melting point, and is easy to oxidize. Most of the aluminum burns on the surface of molten steel during use, and its utilization rate is only 30% %; and silicon-aluminum-ferro is easy to sink into molten steel because of its high density and high melting point, so its utilization rate can reach 70%. The traditional method of refining silicon-aluminum-ferro is to melt ferrosilicon and aluminum. A large amount of aluminum needs to be consumed, and the cost is high, while the submerged arc furnace method uses bauxite as the main raw material, which has a wide range of resources and low prices, and has broad development prospects.