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Why is silicon-calcium alloy called ferro alloy


An intermediate alloy composed of ferro and one or more elements, mainly used in iron and steel smelting. In the iron and steel industry, all intermediate alloys used in steelmaking, whether they contain ferro or not (such as silicon-calcium alloys), are generally called "ferro alloys". It is also customary to include certain pure metal additives and oxide additives.

Ferroalloys are generally used as: ①Deoxidizer. In the process of steelmaking, oxygen is removed from molten steel, and some ferroalloys can also remove other impurities in steel such as sulfur and nitrogen. ② Alloy additives. According to the requirements of the steel composition, alloying elements are added to the steel to improve the performance of the steel. ③ inoculants. It is added to molten iron before cast iron casting to improve the crystallization structure of castings. In addition, it is also used as a reducing agent for the production of other ferroalloys and non-ferrous metals by metallothermal reduction; an alloy additive for non-ferrous alloys; it is also used in a small amount Chemical industry and other industries.