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Electrolytic manganese price slowly downward


      Today's mainstream price 9900 yuan/tons, electrolytic manganese fall modestly offer relatively early, because of the downstream inquiry and purchasing is not positive, plus years most manganese factory inventories increased, manganese factory delivery enthusiasm increased, years later, the new single is scarce, therefore electrolytic manganese is now mainstream clinch a deal the price in 9700-9900 yuan/ton, the whole electrolytic manganese shipments negative.
According to the Chinese ferroalloy online learned that at present only in March, wuhan iron and steel manganese metal ball bidding price, purchase price decline slightly. Mid-february, electrolytic manganese traders said the market since the electrolytic manganese shipments in particular is not positive, go cargo lift, at present, the company also no purchasing plan, feel the late electrolytic manganese price still has the possibility of continued to decline, is now mainly wait-and-see market. Electrolytic manganese manganese manufacturers said years later some consider production factory, supply will increase accordingly, the current shipment will is stronger, intention to abate a price, clinch a deal with inquiry has cold and cheerless, late for electrolytic manganese market does not look good.