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Ferro Silicon price is going dow at the end of year,and few deal


   Part of the Spring Festival approaching, steel mills earlier this month for the amount of two months, sufficient stock, some steel mills have started bidding in February. However, the current ferrosilicon market activity is clearly at the beginning of market operations less obviously, manufacturer to clinch a deal is less, less shipment, the price also is not the strong, enters into decline.
Due to cold wave swept across the earth, the domestic heavy snowfall in most areas, it is also caused by ferrosilicon market operations is one of the factors, less air temperature is low when it snows, a logistics transportation is less, the second is freight rate rise, the cost increase. Traders in the premise, do not wish to buy goods. According to the manufacturer: the current transport pressure big, go goods, even reduce the ex-factory price, clinch a deal is still not ideal, no one to buy goods, the price also has no practical significance. But there are also parts manufacturers by the end of the month to pay electricity and workers' wages, cash flow pressure, last shipment at a lower price, drained.
  To sum up, the weather conditions, the transport costs; 2 it is steel factory ready for the most complete, the market demand less; More than three traders is wait, wait for after market; Four is drained, at the end of many factors, work together, ferrosilicon market prices began to fall.