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The "stumbling block" of ferrosilicon exporting


         Ferrosilicon export at present is not only by domestic market downturn, prices fall endlessly, take market and other countries.
According to foreign media reports, the government of India from this year on April 1, the ferroalloy export tax rebate to 2% from 6% before, although the move to a certain extent, to suppress the Indian domestic ferroalloy exports, exporters will have to raise the ferroalloy export quotations.
      But, with China's export 25% ferrosilicon export tariffs, in contrast, India's export tax rebate policy is still a big advantage in foreign markets.
      Ferrosilicon export in our country is just enjoy the export tax rebate policy in 2005 years ago, from 2006 to now, has been in a state of export tariffs increasing year by year, and from 2008 to now, has been at the high tariffs of 25%, no shake, next year will continue to maintain high tariffs by 25%.
      High tariffs for ferrosilicon in China in the international market share, from Russia and India ferrosilicon and silicon squaring off in the international market in our country, and our country most of ferrosilicon exported to Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the United States. Although ferrosilicon export prices falling in China, but the current downstream demand continues to weaken, plus take the market by other countries, the ferrosilicon exports more difficult.
      In short, high tariffs and export smuggling, take market demand downturn, other countries, and so on factors, constitutes the obstacles to the export of ferrosilicon "stumbling block", causes our country on the premise of ferrosilicon export prices continued to fall, instead of exports.