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Ferrosilicon market traded weakly


Due to near the end of the month, traders to wait and see attitude, wait for December steel tender price released to consider getting goods, and November steel tender basically ended. Manufacturers currently to maintain production orders, Ningxia and Qinghai market delivery quantity is not big, manufacturers inventories remain low and the Inner Mongolia region because a Erdos Xijin metallurgical and Wuhai Jun are two major production manufacturers, production, supply enough. However, due to the end of the month, traders stocking negative, a strong wait-and-see attitude, the current market turnover slightly weak.

November ferrosilicon steel recruit basic end, due to steel price move lower, resulting in ferrosilicon market prices continued to fall, manufacturers present serious losses, discontinued production strongly. But suffered as a result of the steel city earthquake, steel production output, ferrosilicon downstream demand continues to tighten, clinch a deal the price bottomed difficult, is expected to ferrosilicon market will remain vulnerable to run.