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ferrosilicon prices will continue to fall


According to a report in the November 7 MB, ferrosilicon international market prices. The 75 # ferrosilicon price 0.76 (0.02) - $0.81 / lb, Europe 75 # ferrosilicon price 980 (down 10) - 1040 euros/ton (20), Hong Kong 75 # ferrosilicon price (fall 70) 1120-1120 (fall) 50 dollars/tons, China's 75 # ferrosilicon (fall 300) 4450-4450 yuan/ton (fall 250).

Great situation in the global economic slowdown, the sharpening contradictions between the supply and demand of iron and steel, and falling demand, overcapacity, led to the steel market clinch a deal the price fall, even as the world's largest steel producer arcelor mittal (ArcelorMittal) are not immune, in the third quarter of this year. We have learned, the headquarters is located in the small country of northwest Europe Luxembourg steel producer, is the world's iron and steel industry "boss". On November 6, arcelor mittal (ArcelorMittal) released three quarterly reports, during a net loss of $700 million (4.448 billion yuan), the loss in nearly four times higher than previously expected. In the same period of last year, arcelormittal profit of $22 million (2.8261 million yuan). In 2014, arcelormittal's crude steel output up to 98.088 million tons, accounting for 5.89% of global output, is almost a "second" living gold and Nippon steel production of "old" hebei iron and steel group combined.

"Unstable because of the international steel market, the price down Yin, hong kong-listed as ferrosilicon is most main downstream market, the influence of changing the price quotation for ferrosilicon. As a result, the international market silicon prices continue to fall. As things stand, ferrosilicon international market prices will still has the potential to continue to fall.