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Week of ferrochrome review(2)


The current low carbon ferrochrome mainstream ex-factory price 9900-10300 yuan/base 60 tons; Low carbon ferrochrome c0.10 mainstream ex-factory price 10200-10600 yuan/tons, 60; Low carbon ferrochrome c0.06 mainstream ex-factory price 10500-10800 yuan / 60 tons. Large domestic low chromium iron manufacturers now offer low carbon ferrochrome 60 to 10000-10100 yuan/tons of cash tax (the factory).
    Despite recently  bidding price of high carbon ferrochrome dropped substantially, but because of the low chromium ample cash supplying is less than previous, combined with silicon chromium procurement supply partial tension, subject to the cost of support, low chromium foreign manufacturer offer relatively early strength. Some large ferrochrome manufacturer throw at cheap prices after the end of last month, capital pressure eased, foreign retail price go back to normal levels.