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Lower prices of chrome ore sides


Although lower prices of chrome ore more harm than good, but we also need to treat the positive aspects of rational ore price Zoudie generated. Chrome ore prices lower, fell alloy factory production costs on the one hand indeed provide a high chromium stainless steel plant to suppress the price of reasons, but on the other hand is precisely because ore prices lower, reducing the cost of the plant to a certain extent to maintain the factory started the normal sex. If the chrome ore prices have to stay high, the cost is difficult to control, the factory has no intention to start, then take the goods chrome ore deal more difficult.

Of course, although the chrome market has been a buyer's market, but as the force is mutual, the upstream and downstream goods may also be able to support each other mutual restraint, chrome ore traders can not effectively around alloy factory but it will not be trampled upon. After all, we can not produce high chromium arbitrage supply of raw materials, ore prices have not been in a state of endless fall.