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Silicon Briquette

1.Si Briquette will be to reduce the cost instead of FeSi Lump.It is ferro silicon substitution. 2.Si Briquette has better performance&more reasonable price than FeSi Lump. 3.Cost-saving by 20% .

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  • Silicon Briquette
  • Silicon Briquette
  • Silicon Briquette
  • Silicon Briquette
Main Features:

Brand Name: Star
Model Number: Silicon Briquette
Chemical Composition: Si Fe C P S Al
Supply Ability: 3000 Metric Tons per month
Min Order Quantity: 20 Metric Ton

Silicon briquette is a new type of ferroalloy product produced by Silicon briquette manufacturers by pressing silicon powder with different silicon (Si) content with a special ball pressing machine. As a new type of metallurgical material, it is widely used in many industries. . Especially in the steel industry.

The 6 functions of silicone balls are:

1. Improve the purity of molten steel. Putting Silicon briquettes in the steelmaking process has a certain effect of slag collection and slag discharge, making the oxides in molten steel concentrate and form agglomerates, which are easy to be filtered by filtering equipment and effectively improve the purity of molten steel.

2. Improve steelmaking yield. Silicon briquettes have the function of alloying agent, which makes the reaction in molten steel more complete, effectively improves the elasticity and toughness of finished steel, and greatly improves the yield of steelmaking!

3. The role of Silicon briquettes in other aspects. Silicon briquettes have many advantages and can be used in many industries. They can be used as a reducing agent for the production of ductile iron, and can also be used as a metallurgical material for the production of special steel. Increase!

4. Reduce smelting cost. As a new type of metallurgical material, Silicon briquette has the characteristics of low price and good effect. Compared with traditional metallurgical materials, it can greatly reduce the cost of smelting and effectively increase the profit of the manufacturer.

5. Increase the furnace temperature. Silicon briquettes are also a kind of heat-resistant material. When Silicon briquettes are put into smelting, the furnace temperature can be effectively increased, so that the raw materials can be fully smelted in a high-temperature environment, and energy waste can be effectively reduced. .

6. Shorten the deoxidation time. Silicon spheres are rich in silicon elements. During the steelmaking process, silicon elements play an affinity role with oxygen in molten steel, which can effectively shorten the deoxidation time and improve the quality of steel!

Package: (1)25Kg/bag, 1MT/bag (2) according to client's requirements
Size: 0-10mm, 10-100mm or as client’s requirement
Payment term: T/T OR L/C
Delivery timee: Within 10 days after receiving prepayment

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