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High carbon silicon shipments


On April 20, 2020, our customer came to the factory to inspect the goods, and their goods were 400 tons of high carbon silicon shipped to South Korea.Take the customer to the factory at 10 am and then take a random sample to the laboratory to test the content of the product.The customer is very satisfied with our products, he has cooperated with us for the fourth time, the customer trusts us very much, and he is also our old customer.

High carbon silicon

Si 68 % min C 18 % min Al 2 % max S 0.05 % max P 0.05 % max.
Si 65 % min C 15 % min Al 2 % max S 0.08 % max S 0.08 % max.
Si 60 % min C 10 % min Al 2 % max S 0.1 % max S 0.1 % max.

Size:10 - 50 mm,90%min

Packing :1 MT big bag

High carbon silicon application
1.Deoxidation and alloying as alternative to FeSi ans SiC
2.It is used as multi deoxidizer by silicon&carbon in carbon steel manufacturing.
3.High recovery rate of Si by carbon
4.Less impurity because of high content of Si&C(the content of Si&C around 90%)
5.More efficient heating agent:Caloric value of
Si&C:6.58kcal/g,1.24kcal/g each

Henan star metallurgical materials co., LTD. Has 20 years of experience in exporting metallurgical materials, high carbon silicon exports to the world, customer feedback is very good,

If you are interested id hign carbon silicon,please feel free to contact me.