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What are the advantages of ferroalloy graphite carbon additive?


Graphite Carbon additive is a kind of graphite carbon additive type, has a lot of advantages, it can not only be used in the steelmaking industry, but also can be used in the production of casting and other industries is a wide range of uses, Henan Star Metallurgy is a professional manufacturer of graphite carbon additive manufacturers, the production of graphite carbon additive has the following advantages:

Advantages One, graphite carbon additive, casting metallographic structure improvement, high mechanical properties, can better meet the requirements of the production process.

Advantages two, graphite carbon additive can be beneficial to the formation of graphite core, to prevent cast iron overcooling and white mouth;

Advantages third, the use of high-quality particle size of the graphite carbon additive can also be effective to shorten the carbon increase time, improve the effect of carbon enhancement. Advantages Four, graphite carbon additive can also reduce the amount of pig iron added, improve the amount of waste steel added, rational use of resources, reduce production costs.

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