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How to choose High quality Ferrosilicon 65 products


Ferrosilicon 65 Straight is the steelmaking manufacturer's monthly procurement of metallurgical materials, in the actual steelmaking application of Ferrosilicon 65 revealed in addition to outstanding effects and advantages, although Ferrosilicon 65 has many advantages, but want to pick to high-quality Ferrosilicon 65 products is also very difficult, in the present mixed Ferrosilicon 65 market, Many inferior things occur frequently so that many manufacturers difficult to split ferrosilicon 65 good or bad, how to choose high-quality Ferrosilicon 65 products has become a lot of manufacturers of heart disease,Today by the professional ferrosilicon 65 manufacturers Henan star Metallurgy to tell you to choose Ferrosilicon 65 products Cheats bar!

Silica is a factor affecting the quality of Ferrosilicon 65
Ferrosilicon 65 raw materials are silica, good silica has silica impurity content and particle size uniform characteristics, but must pay attention to the particle size of silica, grain through small will contain too many impurities, affect the permeability of the fabric, too large, easy to cause furnace stratification, delay the melting of the furnace and restore reaction speed.
Coke also plays a vital role in the quality of Ferrosilicon 65 Coke also plays a vital role in the production of Ferrosilicon 65, in the selection of high-quality coke easy to produce high-quality ferrosilicon 65, and Coke in the ash and moisture are the reasons that affect the quality of coke, high-quality Coke has the characteristics of low ash and water, high ash Coke, easy to cause the furnace fabric slag sintering, Affects the breathability of the fabric.
High moisture is an important factor causing the fluctuation and deterioration of furnace condition. Steelmaking manufacturers can visit Ferrosilicon 65 manufacturers at the time of purchase and look at Ferrosilicon 65 raw materials to determine the high quality of Ferrosilicon 65 products, to avoid causing unnecessary losses, The above is the professional ferrosilicon 65 manufacturers Henan star Metallurgy told you to choose Ferrosilicon 65 products Small skills hope that we can choose to the desirable Ferrosilicon 65 products.

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