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What are the uses of calcined petcoke?


What are the uses of calcined petcoke?

Calcined Petcoke can be widely used in steelmaking, chemical industry, building materials, casting materials, machinery, petroleum exploration and other industries. (1) Carbon industry can be used in: aluminum carbon, graphite electrodes, graphite anodes, carbon electrodes, carbon anodes, carbon refractories toner paste products, high-purity graphite, graphite products, graphite chemical equipment. (2) The main raw materials for carbon additive and foaming agent for steelmaking. (3) The basic chemical raw materials for the production of sodium hydrogenated and high purity CO in the chemical industry. (4) Important raw materials for processing mechanical seals in the machinery industry. When the graphite electrode used in steelmaking or the anode paste (melting electrode) for making aluminum and magnesium is used, the coking must be calcined in order to adapt the petcoke to the requirements of petroleum coke (coking). The calcination temperature is generally around 1300 ℃, with the aim of removing the oil coke volatile as far as possible.

This can reduce the hydrogen content of petroleum coke products and increase the graphite degree of petroleum coke, thus improving the high temperature strength and heat resistance of graphite electrode, and improving the conductivity of graphite electrode. Calcined Coke is mainly used in the production of graphite electrodes, carbon paste products, King Kong Sand, food grade phosphorus industry, metallurgical industries and calcium carbide, among which the most widely used graphite electrode. The raw coke can be directly used for calcium carbide as the main material of calcium carbide without forging, and the production of silicon carbide and boron carbide as grinding materials. It can also be used directly as a Coke or blast furnace wall lining charcoal brick for metallurgical furnace, and can also be used as a dense coke for casting process, etc.