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What is recarburizer?


 Henan star metallurgical materials co., LTD production of metallurgical recarburizer complete specifications, but metallurgical recarburizer usually graphite carbon recarburizer refers to the carbon products by the molecular structure of the high temperature or other ways to make the change, there are rules, the molecule arrangement, carbon molecular spacing is more wide, more conducive to decompose nucleation in iron or steel liquid.The graphite recarburizer on the market now generally comes from two ways, one is the waste cutting of graphite electrode, and another is the graphitized products of petroleum coke at 3000 degrees.

Its main features are as follows:

(1) high fixed carbon, high absorption rate, low sulfur, low nitrogen, absorption rate is faster than the absorption rate of the same graphitization recarburizer, and lower than the price of similar graphitization recarburizer with sulfur content less than 0.05.

(2) graphite carburizer absorption rate is high, according to the use of the method of absorption rate is more than 90 high energy.

(3) graphite recarburizer absorption fast, no adsorption furnace wall, no residue, so improve the advantages of carbon absorption rate in the furnace is more obvious.