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The use of silicon slag 50


 Silicon slag according to its content can be divided into silicon slag 40, silicon slag 30, silicon slag 50 and other silicon slag, in which the silicon slag 50 is the most advantageous, the most widely used, obtained the majority of customers procurement, its production scale is also expanding.Today focuses on the use of silicon slag 50, I hope our customers can help when choosing products.

Silicon slag 50 usually adopts ton bag packaging, its particle size specifications are 0--1mm, 0--3mm, 0-10mm, 1-10mm, 10-30mm, 10-80mm, 10-100mm, etc., its main uses have the following aspects:

1. The silicon slag can be recrystallized and purified in the process.

2. Effectively discharge slag, improve the toughness and cutting ability of casting, can also be used as a reducing agent in stainless steel production.

3, silicon slag alloy can participate in the purification process of other ferroalloy products, can effectively improve the silicon purity of ferroalloy products, so that the product is better quality and better effect.

4. Adding silicon slag alloy in steelmaking has the function of raising furnace temperature, which can provide a stable and high-temperature environment for smelting materials and make smelting more thorough

The above is the main use of silicon slag 50, if you need, please contact us in time.