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What is a silicon sphere?


 The silicon carbon sphere is rich in silicon and carbon. This kind of industrial material is mainly used in steelmaking and casting.Silicon carbon ball is made by crushing silicon carbon alloy with professional technology and pressing it into a ball with other materials. It has the application of deoxidizing and carburizing in industry. For deoxidizing technology, steel mills use a large amount of it.

Silicon carbon ball can play a good solid effect, in the steelmaking industry use silicon carbon deoxidization time can be decreased by 10 to 30%, thanks to the element inside the rich content of silicon, silicon during steelmaking is important deoxidizing elements is be short of one cannot, chemical good people know that the silicon and oxygen have very stable affinity effect, can generate silica,The silicon carbon sphere contains rich silicon element, so the use of silicon carbon sphere in steelmaking can play a fast deoxidization application.At the same time, improve the casting quality in casting, can greatly reduce the occurrence of hot metal nozzle blockage, silicon carbon ball in casting application is very important.

What is more surprising is that silicon carbon balls are widely used but the price is much cheaper compared with other traditional ferroalloys. When silicon carbon balls are used as smelting material, the smelting cost can often be reduced by 10%-40%, but the effect is surprisingly satisfactory, which can not only reduce the cost but also increase the benefit of manufacturers.The silicon carbon spheres produced by Henan Stellar Metallurgy Group have complete specifications and stable prices. We are looking forward to your consultation and cooperation.