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Method of use of nodulating agent


 Spheroidizing agent not only has been widely used in steelmaking, and spheroidizing agent in the casting industry is essential to the metallurgical material, for many casting manufacturer normal use modularized should be without any difficulty, but how to put the use effect of modularizing to a better state, it is necessary to master the correct way of using the spheroidizing agent.

For foundry nodulizing agent usage will directly affect the properties of the molten iron, but also will affect the size of the casting, brand, and its thickness, thus to master the correct way of using the nodulizing agent is very important, the characteristics of molten iron are referred to the composition of molten iron, especially the content of sulfur, temperature of molten iron, molten iron metallurgy quality. The spheroidizer treatment process mainly includes the shape and size of the molten iron ladle and the coverage degree of the spheroidizer.
For the size and shape of the molten iron ladle and the height of the dike in the ladle, the degree of spheroidizer coverage will have a direct impact. Generally speaking, if the ladle is thin and tall, the dam is higher, the coverage of the spheroidizer will be better, the oxidation of molten iron is light, and the amount of the spheroidizer will be reduced. The sulfur content and temperature of molten iron should be used correctly according to the written and specific gravity of the spheroidizer. Only by correctly mastering the use method of the spheroidizer can the performance of the spheroidizer be played to a better level, and the effect of saving dosage and reducing cost can be achieved at the same time!