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Green silicon carbide production process


 Green silicon carbide grinding wheel code GC grinding wheel is suitable for processing cemented carbide, glass, ceramic and non-metallic materials, but also used in semiconductor materials, high-temperature silicon carbide rod heating element, far infrared source base material, etc.Green silicon carbide is based on petroleum coke and high-quality silica as the main raw material, adding salt as an additive, through the resistance furnace high-temperature smelting, the smelting into the crystal purity is high, hardness, its hardness between corundum and diamond, mechanical strength is higher than corundum. With black silicon carbide, green silicon carbide manufacturing methods but the purity of raw materials demand is higher, also in the resistance furnace under the high temperature of 2200 ° C to form, green, translucent shape, hexagonal shape, the Sic content is higher in black, physical properties similar to black silicon carbide, but the performance is slightly crispy in black, also has good thermal conductivity and electrical properties.

According to the shape, it can be divided into the flat grinding wheel, beveled grinding wheel, cylinder grinding wheel, cup grinding wheel, disc grinding wheel, etc. According to the binding agent can be divided into the ceramic grinding wheel, resin grinding wheel, rubber grinding wheel, metal grinding wheel, etc. The characteristic parameters of the grinding wheel mainly include abrasive, viscosity, hardness, bond, shape, size, etc. Because the grinding wheel usually works at a high speed, the rotary test (to ensure that the grinding wheel will not break at the highest working speed) and the static balance test (to prevent the vibration of the machine) should be carried out before use. After working for some time, the grinding wheel should be trimmed to recover its grinding performance and correct geometry.