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What is recarburization


Recarburizer has become more and more popular, mainly because of increased carbon agent of its low price good quality characteristics such as wide application, now all kinds of ferroalloy market recarburizer products make a person dazzling, as purchasing manufacturers, therefore, should also be aware of recarburizer contain what elements, can choose appropriate own recarburizer products, at the same time also can better use of recarburizer.

What are the main elements of recarburizer?

What elements does recarburizer contain?
Content one, moisture
The total moisture index of the recarburizer should be as low as possible. The moisture brought into the molten steel will increase the hydrogen content in the molten steel, and the total moisture depends on the coke quenching process, storage, and transportation conditions. The moisture of recarburizer in bags should be less than L %, and the moisture of raw coke before crushing and packing should be less than 3%.
Content two, ash

Carburized dry base ash index should be low, ash into the molten steel will increase the impurities in the molten steel, increase the inclusion. The ash content of calcined petroleum coke is low, about 0.5-1.O %, and the ash content of calcined anthracite is high, and the ash content of high-quality anthracite is not less than 4-5%. The index value is calculated on a dry basis, which can exclude the influence of the moisture fluctuation caused by the recarburizer on the ash value.
Content 3. Volatile
The dry-base volatile of the recarburizer should also below. Volatile is the ineffective part of recarburizer, volatiles into the molten steel will also increase the gas content of copper water. The dry base volatiles depends on the calcination or coking temperature and treatment process of carburizing iF. The properly treated carburizing agent V is less than 0.5%.
Content four, fixed carbon

The fixed carbon of the recarburizer is the really useful part of the recarburizer, C. The higher the value, the better. CCD cannot be fixed directly, it is a calculated value. Calculating formula: CCMD =100 AD -- V '(%)(1) It can be seen from Equation (1) that the lower the ash and volatile content of recarburized I} mile, the higher the fixed carbon. In fact, fixed carbon is a composite index of ash and volatiles. According to the fixed carbon index value of the recarburizer, the recarburizer is divided into several grades, such as: 99%, 98.5%, 97.5%, 95%.
5. Sulfur content
The sulfur of recarburizer is an important harmful element value, the lower the better. The sulfur content of the recarburizer depends on the sulfur content of the raw material of the recarburizer and the calcination temperature.
Byunderstanding the content of recarburizer, you can control the content of recarburizer needed by smelting to find the right metallurgical materials, at the same time in use can be based on the element check smelting standard products, so it is very necessary to fully understand what elements are contained in the recarburizer.