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Advantages of high carbon silicon in steelmaking


Silicon carbon alloy ball is henan star metallurgy production of 10-50mm products, new silicon carbon alloy ball, silicon and carbon elements can achieve accurate indicators. Good deoxidation effect, short deoxidation time, high deoxidation efficiency, silicon carbon alloy ball easy to float can also improve the furnace temperature.

Silicon carbon alloy 6518 and silicon carbon alloy 6818 are ferrosilicon alloys with high carbon content. Carbon content of about 20, the two kinds of alloy, deoxidation at the same time will also carburize, can play a carburizing agent effect.

High carbon silicon ball is a new product in the steel making and casting industry. Naturally, the factory price of 6518,6520 and 6515 silicon carbon alloy is an important reference price to measure the cost. In terms of price, the price of silicon-carbon alloys is closely linked to that of silicon-based products. The silicon system rises, the connected silicon calcium, silicon barium, silicon aluminum, silicon carbon and so on will follow the market fluctuations. At present, the factory price of silicon carbon alloy is about 5500. Compared with the price of ferrosilicon or has an advantage. Using it to deoxidize instead of ferrosilicon is also a cost-effective means.

Over the years, Henan Star metallurgy to control the amount of at the same time, the cost to low, silicon carbon alloy sales is the same. Our product quality and reputation have passed the test of time in the industry. 14 years of history speaks for itself. Henan star metallurgy is a business sales 6515 silicon carbon alloy, silicon carbon alloy 6518, silicon carbon alloy 6818 and high carbon silicon manufacturers. Welcome customers to visit the factory!