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Ferro silicon 75 inoculant


Ferro silicon 75 inoculant can promote graphitization, reduce the tendency of white mouth, improve the morphology and distribution of graphite, increase the number of eutectic groups, refine the matrix structure, it has a good effect in a short time after inoculation. It is mainly suitable for the general or late instantaneous inoculation of various situations. In the production of ductile iron, inoculation is an essential procedure because of the large tendency of undercooling.

The main role of inoculating treatment with ferro silicon 75 inoculating agent is to increase the number of graphite balls in the nodular iron, improve its roundiness, refine the graphite balls, prevent the decline of spheroidization, reduce the tendency of white mouth, and prevent the formation of free cementite and segregation between eutectic grains. The most important is to increase the number of graphite core in the solidification process of nodular iron by adding inoculant, and then increase the number of eutectic groups to improve the mechanical properties of nodular iron.

The inoculant widely used in the production of nodular cast iron in Our country is ferrosilicon. There is no specific limit on the content of Ca and Al which play an important role in the inoculation of ferrosilicon, so that the inoculation effect is very unstable, so that the production of nodular cast iron often forms a variety of defects in the organization. After the 1990s, on the basis of the introduction of foreign technology, the research and application of domestic inoculants have made great progress, including the development of strontium-containing ferrosilicon inoculants, rare earth inoculants, silica-barium inoculants and so on, which greatly enriched the types and application range of cast iron inoculants.

The practice shows that the inoculant series in our country can basically meet the demand of production and development of cast iron. But the amount of ferrosilicon inoculant still occupies more than 80% of the total amount of cast iron inoculant, resulting in the inoculation effect is very unstable, often scrap castings. So the development of ferrosilicon 75 inoculant plays a vital role in improving the quality of cast iron, whether to produce qualified inoculant products to meet the requirements has become a critical factor restricting the development of cast iron industry.