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Ferrosilicon manufacturer is stocking goods for customers


Ferro silicon manufacturers have a very important role in steelmaking and group manufacturing industry, in the foundry industry, ferrosilicon as spheroidizing agent and inoculating agent is not used as deoxidizer in steelmaking.  In the process of use, workers should strictly comply with the requirements of the use of ferrosilicon.  


Henan Star is one of the ferrosilicon manufacturers. Last month, Henan Star received an order from a large steel company in Malaysia to purchase ferrosilicon. After a week of communication with our company, the customer decided to place an order of 1500 tons of ferrosilicon in our company.  The factory is urgently preparing the goods. Due to the large quantity, we send them to customers in batches.  The first batch of 500 tons of ferrosilicon is ready and waiting for SGS to arrive at the factory for inspection this Friday.  Then 500 tons of ferrosilicon will be sent to Tianjin Port.  
Henan Star metallurgy company is one of the manufacturers of ferrosilicon, with 14 years of experience in the export of ferrosilicon, our quality of ferrosilicon first.  The price of ferrosilicon fluctuates greatly in the market, but as the supplier of ferrosilicon and the manufacturer of ferrosilicon, we must take quality as the fundamental, in order to achieve the long-term trust of customers.  
Ferrosilicon manufacturer told ferrosilicon customers: ferrosilicon prices will go up and down, we can not control.  But choose a reliable ferrosilicon factory is the key, star metallurgy ferrosilicon factory long-term supply of ferrosilicon export.  The types of ferrosilicon we supply are ferrosilicon 75, 70, 65, 65. If you need to purchase ferrosilicon, you can make an inquiry at any time.