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inoculant ferrosilicon granules


To break ferrosilicon into a certain particle size small pieces that are the origin of the silicon particle,inoculant ferrosilicon granules is good casting, inoculation is a very important step in the casting, the addition of silicon particles can promote the formation of hot metal incubation period of the communist party of China crystal ball, provide advanced conditions for future casting process, silicon particles containing a certain amount of silicon (Si), it is particularly important for casting, The oxygen in molten iron can be well separated from, while reducing the generation of oxide, for prolonging the life of the smelting furnace and avoiding the blockage of the outlet has a good role!

Ferrosilicon inoculant is broken into small pieces of various particle sizes according to the requirements of the casting process and often decreases slightly in the content of ferrosilicon, such as the use of 75 ferrosilicon produced by ferrosilicon then the silicon content will drop to 72, mainly because there will be a small amount of impurities in the process of crushing, particle size range is roughly 1-3mm,3-8mm.

In the use of ferrosilicon grain should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of casting process, the temperature of hot iron has a high control, for the feeding time should also strictly follow the process.

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