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The Stellar Metallurgy Group organized the team-building activity


 On the afternoon of July 6th, the Stellar Metallurgy Group organized the team-building activity for this month. This activity is organized by a unified administrative arrangement, and all departments participate in it. Before the meeting, the administration department carefully planned the activities and bought delicious small food. At the meeting, every employee took an active part in the activities. Those who won were rewarded and those who lost were punished. Employees were very active. Through this activity, we enhanced the understanding and affection between employees, laid a foundation for future communication and cooperation in work, and enhanced the ability of team building.

Henan star metallurgical group not only is a company specializing in the production of ferrosilicon silicon, silicon powder, ferrosilicon 75 original pieces, metal silicon, silicon metal powder, graphite, silicon slag powder, packet core, electrolytic manganese manufacturers, but we are also committed to product development and research is more attention to the training of the ability of team building and at the same time, the company holds regular staff meals, team building activities, The aim is to enhance the understanding of employees at the same time, improve the usual work in the team cooperation efficiency. While doing its best to meet the humanized needs of customers, the company strives to establish a complete business process and modern equipment system. From raw material procurement to logistics and transportation, quality inspection, sorting and processing, customer service, and efficiency feedback, all adopt self-built SAP standards. Set up a high-standard alloy assay and analysis department, TS logistics department, and build a quality monitoring-after-sales service system to meet customers' extreme requirements for product quality and delivery time. If you have a demand, please contact us in time, you can send free samples and product brochures, sincerely look forward to your consultation and cooperation!