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Silica fume and metal silicon powder are foolishly unclear


Silicon powder and metal silicon powder are two completely different products.

The silica fume we usually say is also called silica fume and micro silica fume. It is the soot recovered in the process of producing metal silicon or ferroalloy. Due to its high content of silica, extremely fine particles and high activity, it is used in concrete, refractory materials, Widely used in rubber, paint and other industries.

The main component of silicon metal powder is crystalline silicon (Si). Its initial form is block, and it becomes powder after crushing or grinding, which is used in industries such as refractory materials.

Their main differences are:

1. The reason why metal silicon powder becomes powder is through physical grinding, and silicon powder is naturally formed in the production process.

2. The chemical composition is very different. Silicon powder is mainly silicon dioxide, and the main content of metal silicon is SI element.

3. Metal silicon powder is usually inactive, while silicon powder has pozzolanic activity.

4. The color of metal silicon powder is usually relatively stable, while the color of silicon powder varies greatly from white to black.

5. The use of silicon fume is relatively extensive.

6. The price of metal silicon powder is very high, several times that of silicon powder.