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Off Grade Silicon 97


97 silicon, also known as off grade silicon, appeared with the gradual reduction of market requirements for industrial silicon grades.

The production process of 97 metal silicon is simple and easy. By using charcoal, petroleum coke, and bituminous coal mixture to reduce silicon ore, combined with slagging and refining, and adopting directional solidification method, various impurities are removed at the same time, which meets the requirements of metallurgical grade high-purity silicon. Furthermore, the quality of 97 metal silicon products is improved, which is suitable for industrial production.

off grade silicon 97 is better than 553.

1. The hardness of off grade silicon 97 is better than that of 533, so its load-bearing capacity is better than that of 533.

2. The stability of off grade silicon 97 is better than that of 533 silicon. off grade silicon 97 is stable and not easy to deteriorate, so it is more widely used.