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If steel is to be smelted well, high carbon silicon is indispensable


High-carbon silicon is a novel composite alloy deoxidizer, which can replace the more expensive traditional deoxidizers - ferrosilicon powder, calcium carbide, carbon powder and alloy powder. The physical and chemical properties of high-carbon silicon are stable, and the deoxidation effect is good. When added to molten steel, it can quickly react with oxygen in molten steel to form steel slag and float to the surface of molten steel to achieve the purpose of deoxidation.

What are the characteristics of high carbon silicon:

1: High-carbon alloys are good products for ferrosilicon in steel production, and have the advantages of reducing production costs and reusing resources.

2: High-carbon silicon is a silicon briquette with broad market prospects.

3: High-carbon silicon is used as a deoxidizer in steelmaking to reduce the oxygen content in the melt through reaction.

4: High-carbon silicon can be processed into balls, powders or granules according to customer requirements.

5: High-carbon silicon has high density and high purity, and has no pollution to molten steel.

6: High-carbon silicon can improve the quality of molten steel and improve the quality and performance of steel.