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Metal silicon powder uses


Silicon powder manufacturer metallic silicon powder is called "industrial silicon powder". It has obvious metallic luster, silver gray or dark gray, strong oxidation resistance, high resistivity, high melting point, and good high temperature performance. It is an important raw material for modern industrial production and has a wide range of uses.

Uses of metal silicon powder: If you want to buy a satisfactory product, you must understand the product. Let’s talk about the application of metallic silicon powder.

1. Deoxidation: The metal silicon powder from the metal silicon powder manufacturer contains a certain amount of silicon element, which can generate silicon dioxide through the affinity of oxygen. It reduces the reaction capacity during smelting while deoxidizing, making deoxidation safer!

2. Application in the silicone industry: Metal silicon powder can participate in the synthesis of silicone polymers. Through metal silicon powder, better quality silicon monomers, silicone rubber, silicone oil and other products can be produced!

3. High temperature resistance: Metal silicon powder can be used in the production of refractory materials and powder metallurgy industries. Adding metallic silicon powder during smelting can quickly improve the high temperature resistance of the product, which is usually required by the steelmaking industry!

4. Wear resistance: In the production of some wear-resistant castings, metal silicon powder manufacturers add metal silicon powder to improve the wear resistance of the castings. Using metal silicon powder can effectively improve the life and quality of castings!

5. Application in metallurgical casting industry: Metal silicon powder is widely used by metal silicon powder manufacturers in the metallurgical casting industry. Metal silicon powder is added during steelmaking and can be used as a deoxidizer, alloy additive, etc. , and the effect is very significant. At the same time, metallic silicon powder can also be used as an inoculant in casting production.

6. The main function of metallic silicon in magnesia-carbon bricks is to consume oxygen in the decarburization layer and increase the oxidation resistance of carbon-containing refractory materials. The main functions of metallic silicon and aluminum in carbon-containing refractory materials are to resist oxidation and reduce carbon oxidation. Regarding the effects of these two antioxidant additives, metallic aluminum powder is stronger than metallic silicon powder. Some companies believe that metallic silicon is suitable for refractory materials with lower melting temperatures, while metallic aluminum powder manufacturers are suitable for refractory materials with higher melting temperatures. Another point is that the high-temperature strength of carbon-containing refractory materials containing metallic aluminum is higher than that of metallic silicon-containing materials.

It is difficult to distinguish between genuine and fake silicon powder and aluminum powder. Chemical analysis alone cannot tell the difference between true and false. The color should also be observed like aluminum powder. If the supply fluctuates greatly, it is recommended to find a third-party department for testing.