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About the pellet binder



Pellet Binder can be adsorbed on the mineral surface effectively and change the surface properties of the mineral. The reason why the selected reagent can improve the floatation kinetics and recovery rate of pentlandite is that the dispersity of the ore pulp is improved. During operation, the negatively charged pentlandite and the positively charged ore grains often have mutual attraction.

     The addition of pellet Binder and adhesive to change the chemical properties of the ore pulp and the change is beneficial to the recovery of the pentlandite in the floatation system. This indicates that the addition of pellet binder and adhesive as a dispersant plays an important role in Australian nickel ore. 

    Modifier in beneficiation: including activating agent and inhibitor that can change the surface properties of the ore grains and affect the ore and the effect of the collecting agent. Modifier can also be used to change the chemical or electrochemical properties of aqueous medium, for example, its PH and the state of the collecting agent.