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Xinjiang silicon metal prices continue to rise


 Due to the particularity of the southern silicon metal factory production time, Xinjiang now currently provides most silicon metal of the market and be the leading of the market。 Now Xinjiang factories continue tell a high price when the south-factories Start low and smooth shipment of the metallurgy    silicon metal

The upstream and downstream especially xinjiang region more attention in southern silicon metal factory production situation, the price of silicon metal must be get higher. 
So far Xinjiang silicon metal oxygen 553 # at tianjin port price 11200 yuan/ton, the actual transaction price 11100 yuan/ton; 441 # quoted price 11400 yuan/ton, the actual clinch a deal in 113000 yuan/tons.  We expected at the end of April to mid-may, southern silicon metal factory will recovery production, the silicon metal stock will get more,  so the price would be fall .