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Calciun siliocn cored wire


 At the beginning of this week, the domestic and foreign market operation state of the core wire stable.Calcium silicon cored wire products relatively optimistic, the mainstream of the domestic market transaction prices have boosted;Solid core pure calcium bag cored wire by the price of raw materials loose, the domestic market low price consolidation.According to the current transaction price statistics of the export market of mainstream cored wire products, the export transaction price of silicon and calcium cored wire (ca30si60 to 13mm) is maintained at 1550-1630 usd/ton.Solid core pure calcium line (ca98%min < 9mm) maintained at $1670- $1750 per ton (FOB, tianjin port).


According to the manufacturers of core wire trade in jiangsu province, the demand of domestic terminal steel market for various products of core wire is at a steady state at present, and there is no large room for improvement in consumption. Therefore, most downstream traders look to the foreign steel market.In September, the export volume of cladding wire was a little bit flat, and foreign companies kept down the purchase price, which also kept the export transaction price at a low level for a long time.In the fourth quarter, there were some signs of a small boost in foreign purchases, coupled with a rise in domestic prices, most traders said they were bullish on the export market.