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Ferrosilicon market to maintain stable operation


Ferrosilicon market as a whole this week run smoothly, although before the National Day holiday, markets for the holiday shutdown price have concerns about this, and at the beginning of the after shutdown, wait-and-see mood, procurement is less, but after a week the test of time, the market performance is more stable, also offer whole focused on 72 # 6200-6300 yuan/ton, 75 # 6600-6800 yuan/ton d scattered pieces of factory.


Ferrosilicon market does not have obvious positive benefit empty stimulation temporarily, manufacturer begins production normal, although downriver heating season can have limited production, but winter comes, also can have a customer to prepare goods in advance.As for the cost of Ferrosilicon, the price of silicon stone, blue carbon and oxidized iron is relatively stable at present, and the price of electricity is also relatively stable. As far as the estimated cost in qinghai is basically about 5,600 yuan/ton, the cost in ningxia is slightly higher than that in qinghai. As far as the selling price of Ferrosilicon and the profit in the downstream are concerned, the profit is not very rich.The profit of downstream steel and metal magnesium is big, and the profit of metal magnesium is about 3000 yuan/ton at present.In the later stage of the trend of ferrosilicon, without the stimulation of other external factors in the market, manufacturers maintain the normal rhythm of shipment. In the short term, the new round of steel recruitment at the end of October is seen