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Bundle conductor export volume negative FOB prices


   According to this website since this week market operation of packet core keeps stable in domestic and abroad, domestic producers in henan, jiangsu, hebei and other manufacturers give the offer with no significant adjustment.the lines to the calcium silicon, pure calcium clinch a deal price stabilization actual weakening, calcium titanium wire, iron wire, nodularizer packet core products due to raw material market volatility, the actual clinch a deal and shipping price also relatively optimistic.
This week, henan, hebei and other places the calcium silicon cored wire is  at 7800-8000 yuan/ton; Calcium iron package conductor (FeCa30) mainstream clinch a deal valence is 7800-8200 yuan/ton; Nodularizer packet core (30 re2 Si40Mg28-30 13 mm) at 9800-10000 yuan/ton; Titanium wire (TiFe30) maintained at 8400-8500 yuan/ton (factory tax acceptance price). Shandong, henan and other places of seamless metal calcium line mainstream market clinch a deal the price is 16500-16500 yuan/ton; Zhejiang, anhui and other places bite pure calcium line for 8800-9000 (factory tax cash price), no obvious adjustment from last week.
Henan region packet core export traders said, in the middle of February shipment since the market situation is not optimistic, go cargo lift. Affected by the potential of the domestic market low plate stability, plus depreciation pressure remained, export market clinch a deal the price have to decline. Now the calcium silicon line (ca30si60 30 13 mm) of $1240 to $1260 / ton, the calcium silicon line (ca28si55 30 13 mm) of $1220 to $1240 / ton; Bite type solid core pure calcium packet core (9 mm min 30 ca98 %) of $1430 to $1450 / ton, than the average cut last week 30 dollars/tons, (FOB port, tianjin port).