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March silicon steel price analysis


     On 23th  in the afternoon, a large steel plant in hebei three alloy tender announcement released its march, quotation deadline to 02-17:30pm 24 afternoon, the supplier is now steel inquiry bargaining. According to this new understanding of news, the major suppliers to steel mills quotation from January rose, rose 100 yuan/ton, or not, a steel mill has yet to give inquiry. The latest dynamic, we also will continue to focus on.
On January for silicon steel price is rising sharply,it hears warm in the heart! In February, a large steel plant in hebei BuZhao to 1000 metric tons of ferrosilicon, prices in January. And nanjing iron and steel is the first to finalise ferrosilicon price in March, more than 1 month, fell 50 yuan/ton, priced at 4700 yuan/ton. Ferrosilicon market after has been stable operation, with the end of the lunar New Year holiday, traders are gradually entering the market, ferrosilicon market activity increases, the volume also will increase, qinghai and less spot in Shanxi Province, the first transport problems are solved, shipment goods increase gradually. Qinghai and ningxia, shut down production manufacturer no comeback, give priority to with watching the market at present. Ferrosilicon market spot still less, alloy factory is quite strong. The current situation, in March of silicon steel price flat or slightly