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Emergency response to the new notification, heavy pollution of the weather to say that production ceased production!!


 Shijiazhuang, baoding, langfang, xingtai, hengshui, handan, tangshan, cangzhou, dingzhou, xin market heavy pollution weather emergency response office:


Of the provincial environmental emergency and heavy pollution weather warning center and China's environmental monitoring station, provincial meteorological center joint consultation with the environment, Dec. 12 to 15, our province is expected to appear heavy pollution weather process for 4 days, area a, shijiazhuang, baoding, langfang, xingtai, hengshui, handan, I, xinji city) and regional 2 (tangshan and cangzhou) will reach orange alert level.


Please municipalities and relevant member units in accordance with the requirements for the heavy pollution in hebei province weather emergency plan, regional one, the second city in 12 December 12 start Ⅱ level emergency response, suggest that early warning lifted for 15 December 24, specific lift time can adjust itself according to the results of the adjacent air quality forecast.The cities should strengthen supervision and inspection, ensure that emergency response measures are in place, and seriously punish those who do not take emergency response measures seriously.Please send me the information of the previous day's heavy pollution in the day before 10 o 'clock, and submit the report to me within 2 days after the warning. 


Tangshan [documents], in accordance with the people's government about launching heavy pollution weather Ⅱ level emergency response notice requirements, since when 12 December 12, qian 'an start the heavy pollution weather Ⅱ level emergency response, lift time prior notice.The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:


Industrial stop-limit production measures are:


1. The steel industry: under the premise of ensuring the safe production and the protection of the residents' heating, the steel enterprises that adopt the wet method desulfurization are sintering machine, and the production of the shaft furnace is 50% off.

2. Coking industry: the focal length should be extended to more than 48 hours after ensuring safe production.

3. Casting industry, independent lime kiln enterprises to suspend production.

4. Building materials industry: cement (including special cement, powder grinding station) brick kiln, ceramic glass cotton, rock wool, gypsum board, slag powder and other enterprises to stop production.

5. Wade VOCs industry: wade VOCs emission process industrial enterprises, not stable discharging standard of environmental governance (not completed), apart from the coking for VOCs emission process in enterprise, VOCs emission process to stop production.

6. Enterprise clusters: rubber, steel rolling, spade, forging, steel radiator, plastic, iron ore dressing, sand mining, canned, fire-proof material, block, and other enterprises or enterprise cluster at all, stop the use producer gas generator, coal stove.