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Silicon manganese price market quotation


On December 12, the price of silicon manganese 6517# continued to rise strongly.According to the research of this site, the prevailing offer in the northern market of 6517# is generally in the range of 10,000-11,000 yuan/ton, with the high price approaching 12,000 yuan/ton;Temporary and southern silicon manganese market price is lower than the north market, among them, market of guangxi manganese silicon 6517 quote chaos, high and low price difference is big, mainstream offer factory in 9000-9500 yuan/ton, individual quotation million to 10500 yuan/ton, and has a small volume;The price of silicon-manganese 6014 is also followed up. Currently, silicon-manganese 6014 has no tax return of 6300-6,600 yuan/ton, and some price is 6800, even higher.

In addition to the silicon-manganese alloy, the upstream manganese ore has also been upgraded to varying degrees. Most of the miners are currently in the closed and unquote state, and the few offers are also offered for different prices.People in the industry said that if the increase followed up later, it would further promote the release of the alloy.In addition, due to the environmental requirements of the ningxia government, ningxia electric coal mining enterprises began to shut down their power in succession on December 8th, and all of them have been shut down by the 11th (when the date of the resumption of work is unknown).In the case of low utilization rate, the market panic escalated, the market price was raised, and the quotation was chaotic.At present, the transaction price of ningxia electric calcining coal market has jumped to about 3,000-3,200 yuan/ton, and the transaction price of electrode paste has reached more than 6000 yuan/ton.